If you write in the distraction free fullscreen mode often then you’ll love this.

Did you know that you can bring in your own custom background image?

It’s really simple.

Here’s How:

Step 1:

Go To View > Composition Backdrop > Choose…

Custom Scrivener Background

Step 2:

Navigate to a photo on your computer and select “Open”

Custom Scrivener Background

Step 3:

Select on a document in your binder that you want to bring into fullscreen mode then select the “Compose” button on the toolbar.

Custom Scrivener Background


Enjoy your beautiful custom background.

Custom Scrivener Background

Some More Ideas & Examples:

Scrivener Fullscreen Background

Scrivener Fullscreen Background


Don’t forget – you can move your paper to either side of the screen…

Scrivener Fullscreen Background


And you can even make your paper transparent.

Scrivener Fullscreen Background



If you already have photos loaded into your Scrivener project you can use those as well.

Just select them from the menu instead of selecting “Choose”

Custom Scrivener Background


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