Head over to MagicScroll to get started. Here you’ll find a simple box from which you can upload EPUB files:

You can also install Magic Scroll as a Chrome App? It’s free and gives you an attractive bookmark.



You don’t need to register to upload a file; you can simply upload it.

free .ePub Reader

free .ePub Reader

Cool Features

free .ePub Reader

Don’t want to bother with the arrow keys? There’s a magic scrolling function built-in, which makes reading effortless. Click the “Play” button in the bottom-right corner to active this. Text at the top will slowly be replaced with text from the next page, and this transition will work its way down. It’s oddly intuitive, and you can adjust the speed to your preference.

free .ePub Reader


Magic Scroll is not only a great way to read EPUB books; it’s a great way to share them. Upload a book and you’ll be given a permanent URL for the book, which you can easily share with your friends, family, or anyone else. This is perfect for sending a sample of your book to those who are helping you edit etc.

What do you think?

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