5 No-Brainer (Yet Almost Always Overlooked) Ways To Pick Character Names For Your Book

My wife was 8 months pregnant and we still hadn’t decided on a name for the baby. I mean this is a big decision right!? Think about how many hundreds of thousands of times this name will be used through the course of his/her life. Sure we tossed around tons of ideas just like everyone does. […]

Scrivener Quick Tip: How To Preview Your .ePub Book Without A Tablet or eReader

Head over to MagicScroll to get started. Here you’ll find a simple box from which you can upload EPUB files: You can also install Magic Scroll as a Chrome App? It’s free and gives you an attractive bookmark. Reading: You don’t need to register to upload a file; you can simply upload it. Cool Features Don’t want to bother […]

Scrivener Quick Tip: Use A Personal Photo For Your Fullscreen Background

If you write in the distraction free fullscreen mode often then you’ll love this. Did you know that you can bring in your own custom background image? It’s really simple. Here’s How: Step 1: Go To View > Composition Backdrop > Choose… Step 2: Navigate to a photo on your computer and select “Open” Step […]