"Finally, Discover the Exact Step by Step Marketing Blueprint Which Will Teach You How to Boost your Book to Bestseller Status!"

This specific training course was designed so you could watch over my shoulder, step-by-step, click by click, to ensure that you are able to successfully and effectively understand how to market your book on Amazon.

Dear Book Author,

You've spent hours, days, or even months writing your book and getting it proofread.

You have your book ready to sell on Amazon.

After months on end - you make a couple of sales, maybe one sale, or worse none at all.

You're up at night trying to figure out why in the world this is happening.
You see your competitors selling similar books and they're making sales or dominating the market.

Why is yours not selling?

What next?

You know that if you had the chance to just place it in front of that same or the right audience, they would snap it right up!

But the big question is...

How will you reach the audience that wants to read your book?

How can you increase your marketing reach?

Unfortunately I have to say that you cannot build a business and expect people to come without reaching out to them.

The ‘build it and they will come’ mentality does not work online.

But how do you do this?

Ok - now that I have your attention, if you had access to this missing piece of the puzzle would you reach out and grab it?

I bet you would.


Amazon Bestseller Blueprint

The Time Is Right


 We’re in an age where self-published books have a better chance than ever of making it big. Print-On-Demand services and free eBook distribution are abound. One in three ebooks sold on Amazon are self-published.


You don’t even need to be in a bookstore to be successful. People don’t care how a book is published, as long as the book is good. If it’s going to explode, it’ll explode, whether or not it’s traditionally published. But here's the catch: Whether you self-publish or go the traditional route...

The Marketing Is Still Up To You


Publishing house or not, you’re still responsible for marketing your own work. Yes, sometimes a publishing house helps out with PR and reviews, but it really varies. These days, you’ll likely need to create a marketing plan anyway if you want to impress a publisher enough for them to pick you up.

Can Anyone Boost Their Book To A Best-Seller You Ask?


I believe the answer is YES!


Bear with me while I get a little self-helpy for a minute. Write this on an index card: “I am a bestselling author.” Put it on your fridge. Look at it every day. If you believe wholeheartedly you can achieve something, then it absolutely will happen. I promise.


I think Henry Ford said it best when he said, "Whether you think you can do something, or think you can't...you're right!"


...You’re an organized, driven person who has just written an entire book. ...You can absolutely put in the work and follow the steps required to publish it.


...You know there are infinite resources on self-publishing and marketing waiting for you on the web.


...You have every reason to be confident that you can self-publish your book, without giving up control, royalties, time, and that scene you love so much.


50 Shades was self-published. If 50 Shades can do it, then for the love of all that is holy, you can do it.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the thing. No matter what the medium, you need to do research to figure out how to market your book as best as possible.



...You need to know how to get exposure and reviews,



...You need to know the hidden strategies involved in realistically selling a lot of copies (Hint: giveaways, networking, social media, interviews, and conversion basics).



Self-publishing does cost more money up front. You’ll need to pay for your own editor, for cover design, and other miscellaneous fees. But if writing truly is your passion then this shouldn’t matter.



  • Hobbies cost money.
  • Startup businesses cost money.
  • Writing is a hobby and a business.


Personally, I don’t mind spending money on something I love this much. It’s like an investment in myself, and in the plan that soon I’ll make it back.



And that's what I'm offering to you today...a plan...a strategy...a blueprint for selling your books. One that works.  These strategies have been tested and proven. But not just by me. I’ve coached and consulted with some of the biggest names & best-sellers online showing them how to do their best work and profit from their own book sales.



Moral of the story: This course is grounded in proven principles and strategies that work. It’s broken down into simple, step-by-step lessons that allow you to easily walk through each phase of book marketing.



No guesswork. No thinking. Just follow the plan.

What Topics Does the Course Cover?

I thought you'd never ask...




Discover the exact step-by-step marketing blueprint to boost your book to best-seller status!

In this 9-part video course you'll learn:

  •  The single biggest mistake authors make with their marketing. (This mistake almost guarantees you make a mere fraction of what you could—and should—be making.
  • The secret to acquiring good reviews and how to make sure they follow Amazon’s rules (Get this wrong and it could sabotage everything you’ve worked for)
  • Why your book blog could be crippling your sales right now... without you even realizing it. There is right way of doing it and a wrong way -- make sure you know the difference
  • How to use giveaways to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your book's sales page Page (Hint: the secret to increasing your amazon sales rank)
  • The single biggest mistake amateur authors make when marketing their book. (This mistake almost guarantees you make a mere fraction of what you could - and should be making)
  • How to get your books listed and selling on amazon.com within just a couple weeks!
  • The #1 mistake people make when marketing their self published books!
  • Why your book title is NOT the most important part of your book when selling it! (and what is.)
  • How the pros hit the Amazon Top 10 Best Sellers list - before they announced them (and how you can too)
  • And much much more!



The Writer Bonus Bundle

Everything you need to insure your success




The Ultimate Book Brainstorming Planner

  • Learn how to brainstorm your book-writing goal so you focus on hitting the right target.
  • Refine Your Message & Write A Back Cover Blurb for Your Book That Draws Readers In.
  • Why Your Story Matters & How To Write It In A Way That Resonates With People
  • The Power of Research: A simple strategy to finding and reviewing the right books in your Niche
  • How To Outline and Organize Your Book (Learn How To Shave Off Weeks Of Time)
  • How To Design The Perfect Writing Schedule To Fit Your Life
  • Goal-Setting, Deadlines & Time Management for Authors
  • How To Deal with Distractions, Procrastination, and Other Book Killers
  • How To Research a Publishing Platform and What to Look For
  • Learn What Elements You Must Have In Your Cover (Because They Will Judge Your Book by its Cover Design)
  • How To Plan a Book Launch (Plus Three Promotional Activities You Can Do to Build Buzz About Your Book Prior to Launch)
  • Learn The Exact Daily Promotional Activities That Will Make The Most Difference The First Few Weeks After Release


100 Kindle Topic Ideas

If you struggle with coming up with content topics, then you'll love these Kindle Publishing Content Accelerators. Just plug these templates into your blog posts, book chapters, social media, or wherever you get a little writer's block. These will save you a ton of time and get you to creating your content a whole lot faster.






10 Vital Writing & Publishing Worksheets

Here are some of the topics included in these worksheets:

  • How to Write an Interview Style Kindle Book
  • How to Write a How to Book
  • Writing a 101 Ideas for Book
  • Writing ‘All About’ Books
  • Creating a Winning Title and eBook Cover
  • Your Kindle eBook Structure
  • 7 Essentials for Writing a Powerful Book
  • Which Category to Choose
  • Pricing Your Kindle Book
  • Uploading Your Kindle eBook Correctly




Top 5 Focus & Productivity Tips For Writers

  • How to find time to write, study, and learn about Kindle publishing even if you have a job, family commitments, and other adult responsibilities.
  • The best and most profitable skill any author can have. (And nope, it's NOT writing)





21 Ways To Promote Your Book On Amazon

  • How to sell scads of your self published books... without paying for any advertising!
  • How even ‘newbie’ writers can beat the pants off seasoned pros. (This secret is perfect for those who like discovering new writing tools)
  • 5 ultra specific ways to promote your kindle book fast (you’ll be sure to identify one or 2 that fits your style perfectly)