There are literally hundreds if not thousands of cool little things you can do with Scrivener to save you some time. Here is a quick 10 to get you started.


Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen in full screen to show the control panel, or the top of the screen for menus.

Scrivener Fullscreen menu


Set up a blank project with your preferred keywords, labels etc & use “Save As Template” to use it as a base for new projects.

Scrivener Templates


A curled corner to a document icon indicates that it has a snapshot associated with it.

Scrivener Snap Shots


You can convert web pages and PDF files to text files using Documents > Convert.

Scrivener Convert To Text


Ctrl-clicking on a multiple selection of documents allows you to assign a label or status to all of them at once.

Scrivener Label & Status


Hovering the mouse over an item in the binder will bring up its synopsis in a tooltip.

Scrivener Synopsis


You can drag items from the binder int the editor header bar as another way of opening them.

Opening Scrivener Documents


You can use the zoom pop-up in the footer bar to increase text size instead of making the font bigger.

Scrivener text size


Resize images in text by double-clicking on them to bring up the scale panel.

Importing Scrivener Images


Window > zoom to fit screen (ctrl – cmd-= ) stretches the window to fit the screen.

Scrivener zoom to fit screen


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